Fan mail.

Here’s a gem I got from Big Trev back in the day. Dear Wolfie. Do you pick up your own dog poo? Big Trev. To which I responded. Dear Big Trev. Do you wipe your own arse? Wolfie. I wouldn’t normally respond to letters like that, but it made me laugh, so I sent him […]

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A short diversion while the memory is fresh in my mind. John Kettle was a wealthy eccentric who adored music, he’d set up Kettle Studios in Kensington years before. It had done well. If not for Kettle then few of us would have found work in the industry. Neither John Samos or I would have […]

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Who Are You? discovery

I found myself in a dark space. I could see nothing in the distance, but my ears descibed the vastness. Light without a source fell gently upon my body, and I examined a hand. Completely normal, yet something was out of kilter. But of course, I was tall, grown. Hadn’t I always been this way? […]

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Who are you?

Now it’s hardly going to ruin the story when I’ve been in the public eye for… what? Thirty years? You know what I am, and you probably recall how people used to think of us. Werewolves, great slathering beasties who fed on the bodies of anyone unfortunate enough to be found alone at night. Slave […]

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Moondance (Part Four)

So I raced out of the shower, as fast as my tiny feet would carry me, water dripping from my naked body, and Aunt Lea screamed, perhaps it was due to my long penis that touched the floor, or the parasitic twin covered in matted hair, or my parasitic twin’s enormous penis… *** I’ve thought […]

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Moondance (Part Three)

When I returned to the house, I found Aunt Lea sitting at the kitchen table, reading a book. The kitchen smelt wonderful, in fact I had smelt it before I mounted the verandah. Tina was sniffing away to, despite her already full stomach. “Aunt Lea, Why are you a vegetarian?” I asked. She thought for […]

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Moondance (Part Two)

It was kicking on to evening here, just after six, as Aunt Lea was preparing lasagna for me, I’d never tried anything so exotic, we always had the standard English fare at our place, so I was looking forward to it. He had bought a dish of Chicken Momo for us, A sort of steamed […]

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