Moondance (Part Three)

When I returned to the house, I found Aunt Lea sitting at the kitchen table, reading a book. The kitchen smelt wonderful, in fact I had smelt it before I mounted the verandah. Tina was sniffing away to, despite her already full stomach. “Aunt Lea, Why are you a vegetarian?” I asked. She thought for […]

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Moondance (Part Two)

It was kicking on to evening here, just after six, as Aunt Lea was preparing lasagna for me, I’d never tried anything so exotic, we always had the standard English fare at our place, so I was looking forward to it. He had bought a dish of Chicken Momo for us, A sort of steamed […]

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Sleepy half remembered thoughts of being carried and moved around by people I trusted was one of the great joys of my childhood. I had people around me who cared for me as though I was some rare and exotic wild creature. In this I was entirely lucky. I supposed that at some point things […]

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Nothing Too Serious

Things get vague over the years, we put them aside and carry on until something forces us to remember the remaining fragments. I had written that I had no idea why I had passed out, but last night while going about my business, I remembered. Aunt Lea was the one in shock, not me, yet […]

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